Community Conversations

“One of the things we need to learn is that very great change starts from very small conversations, held among people who care.” - Margaret Wheatley

In Jasper, community members are invited to join the the Jasper Community Team. The Jasper Community Team comes together each month for a conversation about the community. At these Community Conversations, participants share information about social trends they are noticing. Then, the group problem-solves and provides mutual support in tackling these trends. Participants work together to come up with innovative, locally-driven solutions to social challenges that are identified. Anyone is invited to take part  and participants can come and go as their availability allows.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the Jasper Community Team is coming together for a Community Conversation each week on Wednesdays from 1-2pm to discuss the social trends that are affecting residents. To attend or receive more information, email Lisa Riddell at

Examples of topic areas discussed at Community Conversations include:

- Housing
- Transportation
- Access to medical services
- Loneliness and isolation
- Welcoming newcomers
- Seasonal employment
- Accessibility
- Elder Abuse
- Empathy
- Children wish special needs
- Screen time
- Mental health issues

Please join the conversation!

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