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Mayor's Recognition Awards & Mayor's Special Awards
Through the Mayor's Recognition Awards and the Mayor’s Special Award, Council will recognize significant achievements or important volunteer services by individuals, teams, or groups whose efforts and accomplishments have enhanced the image of or have made a significant contribution to the Municipality of Jasper.

Mayor's Recognition Awards
Annual deadline - March 1st every year

Each year the Mayor’s Recognition Award may honour recipients in three categories. Awards recognize an individual whose service or achievement at the local, provincial, national or international level has been of singular significance in the areas of:

•    Athletics;

•    Fine & Performing Arts; or

•    Distinguished Voluntary Service

Mayor’s Awards may be, but are not required to be, presented each year. Awards may be presented in one or more of the three categories in any given year.

Mayor's Special Awards
Annual deadline - November 1st every year

The Mayor's Special Award is the highest possible recognition from the Municipality of Jasper. Nominees may have demonstrated any of the following:

•    Humanitarianism;

•    Exceptional achievement in a profession, sport or the arts; or

•    An act of heroism or bravery

Nomination forms for the Mayor’s Recognition Awards and the Mayor’s Special Award are available on the Municipality’s website by following the links above, by phone at 780-852-6503 or in person at the Municipality’s Administration office, 303 Pyramid Lake Rd.

Selection Committee
Council shall establish the “Mayor’s Recognition Awards Selection Committee”, consisting of the Mayor and Council. The Selection Committee will consider nominations and select award recipients. Recipients will be identified by the Selection Committee, which may assign a nomination to an alternate category provided the nominator agrees to the reassignment.  

Selection Committee decisions are final.

Policy B-015 Mayor's Recognition Awards and Special Award
Policy B-015 Administrative Procedures