Bidding on Municipal Projects

What rules does the municipality have to follow in selecting a service provider for a project or service? 

The municipality’s procurement guidelines and process are guided by policies established by council and procedures developed by administration. The most up to date Council policy on procurement can be found here and the associated administrative procedure is here.  

Like all municipalities in Alberta, Jasper is required to meet the terms of the New West Trade Partnership Agreement (NWTPA). These rules also apply to local governments in British Columbia, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. 

About the New West Trade Partnership Agreement. 

The NWPTA requires that municipalities: 

  1. Must conduct open and non-discriminatory procurement where the anticipated costs are at or above a value of $75,000 for services. 
  2. Must post tender notices for all covered procurement through an electronic tendering system. In Alberta this system is Alberta Purchasing Connection (APC). 
  3. Cannot give preferential treatment to local suppliers. 

Where could someone find out about and bid on municipal projects or services? 

The municipality is required to post all tenders or requests for proposals over a certain size to Alberta Purchasing Connection, also known as APC. APC is a tool created by the Government of Alberta that lets public and private sector users manage, advertise, distribute, and download public purchasing opportunities for goods, services, and construction in Alberta. 

About APC 

APC does not charge vendors for browsing opportunities or downloading opportunity documents and vendors can set up a list of criteria (e.g., keywords) that is then used to create a list of new opportunities that can be automatically emailed to the vendor. 

What current opportunities does the municipality have on APC? 

The municipality of Jasper is looking for a proponent to enter into a Design-Build agreement for the construction of a pre-engineered fleet storage facility to accommodate 6 zero-emission buses.

Click here to view this opportunity on the Alberta Purchasing Connection website.

The Municipality of Jasper intends to participate in one or more procurements conducted by the Rural Municipalities of Alberta between January 01, 2024 and December 31, 2024.

Click here to view this opportunity on the Alberta Purchasing Connection website.