Jasper Skatepark Build Project

The Jasper Skatepark Build Project, spearheaded by the Jasper Skatepark Committee, in partnership with the Municipality of Jasper, marks a significant milestone in years of dedicated advocacy, planning, and fundraising efforts aimed at providing our community with a modern facility for skateboarding and all-wheeled sports.

We invite the community to follow the project's progress on this page. 

Project Overview

  • Design & Construction: Designed by New Line Skateparks Inc., the project involves the development of a contemporary at-grade concrete skatepark designed to meet the dynamic needs of current and future enthusiasts. The design process has been meticulously undertaken to ensure the new skatepark offers a high-quality, safe, and inclusive environment for skaters, BMXers, inline and roller skaters, and scooter riders alike.

  • Location: The chosen site is an underutilized area within Centennial Park, previously serving as a baseball field and horseshoe pit. This location is adjacent to Jasper Junior High School and the Jasper Arena and Activity Centre, making it an ideal spot for the new facility. The skatepark is designed to harmonize with the park’s existing recreational amenities, including playgrounds and picnic areas, providing a cohesive and enhanced experience for all park visitors.

  • Facilities & Features: The skatepark will replace the existing modular outdoor skateboarding facility with a modern design that includes various terrains and features, catering to different skill levels and disciplines. Additionally, convenient access to nearby washroom facilities and the scenic backdrop of Centennial Park ensures a comfortable and enjoyable environment for participants and spectators.

Project Timeline

  • Preparation: Municipal staff will commence site preparation in mid-April, setting the stage for the construction phase.

  • Construction: New Line Skateparks will begin construction in the first week of May, with an estimated completion timeline of 14 weeks. This timeline is subject to weather conditions and any unforeseen challenges that may arise.


The Municipality of Jasper has pledged $300,000 for the project.
Additionally, approximately $30,000 worth of in-kind donations, including earthworks, fencing, and washroom facilities, are expected from the Municipality. Moreover, the Municipality has secured $10,000 in interim financing.