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Employer Resources

The resident population of Jasper is around 5000 people, but we host up to 12 000 seasonal staff each year – that’s a lot of new people in Jasper! Get to know newcomers in Jasper. 

Learn more about:

Understanding newcomer challenges

Learn about the newcomer experience in Jasper, including newcomer challenges and ways you can remove barriers for these challenges

Supporting Newcomers

How best to support newcomers through connecting them to services, information and our community

Hiring tools

Learn ways to attract, retain and support great newcomer talent in your business or organization

Cultural Calendar

Stay informed about cultural events, holidays and celebrations that your staff may care about.

Learning resources 

The Centre for Diversity and Inclusion has a robust resource page with multiple education and inclusion guides and toolkits. 

Education and Inclusion Guides

These guides can help you enhance your workforce regarding: 

  • Learning inclusively
  • Creating a safe space for dialogue on anti-racism
  • Fostering health and safety  
  • Specific diversity and inclusion initiatives that are relevant to the Canadian workforce 


The CCDI Toolkits focus on employment equity and diversity and inclusion, topics that are the most pressing issues in Canadian workplaces. Learn more about the following topics: 

  • Navigating race in Canadian workplaces 
  • Sustaining the Black Lives Matter movement 
  • Addressing fear and resistance 
  • Locking in your leadership 
  • Getting started – Diversity and identity 
  • Exploring my power and privilege 
  • Prejudice, bias and discrimination
  • Navigating the conflict zone and becoming an ally
  • Taking action  

All the learning solutions can be customized to fit the unique needs of your employees.