Sidewalk Seating Program

The Municipality of Jasper Sidewalk Seating Program is now accepting applications for the 2024 operating season.

The intent of the Sidewalk Seating Program is to provide safe and aesthetically pleasing Sidewalk Seating Area opportunities in the downtown core that enhance public spaces and support Jasper’s character as a mountain park community and tourism destination.

All Sidewalk seating installations must comply with the Sidewalk Seating Program Standards 

The Sidewalk Seating Program has been updated for 2024 with:

  • New approved standards; 
  • 2024 fee per parking stall - $1,850 per 6-metre stall (maximum of 3 x 6-metre stalls);
  • 1 to 5 year permit options;
  • Three sidewalk seating format options:
    1. Sidewalk Seating Area located on the Sidewalk (with a Pedestrian Pathway located in the Parking Lane);
    2. Sidewalk Seating Area located in the Parking Lane (using the Sidewalk as Pedestrian Pathway), or; 
    3. Sidewalk Seating Area located on the Sidewalk (ensuring a 2.44-metre Pedestrian Pathway).

Downtown Core Businesses are invited to plan their Sidewalk Seating using the Municipality’s Sidewalk Seating Area Application and Program Standards. 

Program Fees

The sidewalk seating fees for 2024 are set as follows: 

  • $100 application fee
  • $1,850 per 6-metre stall (maximum of 3 x 6-metre stalls) for installations using the parking lane
  • $25 per seat for installations using the sidewalk for seating

To apply for a Sidewalk Seating Area Permit, the following is required:

  • Completed Sidewalk Seating Area Application Form;
  • Municipality of Jasper Business Licence;
  • A Sidewalk Seating Area Plan (Scale 1:100);
  • List of Materials – Needs to include photographs and/or product specifications for all furniture, fencing etc. to be located in the proposed Sidewalk Seating Area;
  • Certificate of Insurance; 
  • Letter of Authorization from the Lessee to Parks Canada i.e., property owner;
  • Letter of Consent from neighbouring business - Required if the Sidewalk Seating encroaches into neighbouring business’ frontage;
  • Photographs of the business frontage – showing building colours; 
  • Application Fee of $100.00

For additional information on process & procedures such as the appeals process, please visit the Commercial Use of Public Space Bylaw (PDF).


We want to support you! If you have questions about the program, what’s new, or how to apply please contact