Commemoration Park Community Connection Improvements

Project Information

A rough rendered drawing show the locations of the new structures/amenities that will be installed around the perimeter of Commemoration Park.

In early 2023, we received a $250k federal grant to improve connections in our parks. We must use this grant by September 2024. The plan is to add features that will help our community come together more:

  1. Garden Boxes: These will be places for growing food and spending time together.
  2. Toddler Playground: A fun area for our little ones to play and grow.
  3. Gazebo and Pergolas: Perfect for shade and hosting special events.
  4. Benches: Great for resting and enjoying community sports and other local events.
  5. Flagpoles: Ideal for gathering and showing respect, without needing road closures.

These additions will go around the park’s edge, enhancing the areas we use for festivals, sports, and stage events. The Jasper Community Garden group will build and run the garden boxes. They already have over 40 residents waiting to use them!

Blue Imp from Medicine Hat, Alberta, will handle the rest of the improvements. The garden boxes will be installed soon, and the other features will be ready by late August.

Some extra notes:

  • Removing the hill will make it easier to manage big events like Canada Day and help the grass grow. The benefits for toddlers that the hill provided will now come from a new hill to the north, improved by the new playground.
  • A new vehicle gate installed earlier this year will make it easier for food trucks to come and go.
  • This gate will also help with faster exits after large events like the Dark Sky or Folk Fest.

These changes support our future plans, such as improving signs around our facilities, discussed in our latest review.

Some extra renderings:

Imagined gazebo for cornerImagined pergola for perimeter Toddler playground as imagined by Blue Imp