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Doing Business in Jasper

Jasper is home to a thriving business community, with motivated residents who want to shop locally.

Find information and resources to support your business in the drop-down menu below.

1 - Learn about the community as a place to do business: 

Tourism communities like Jasper are unique. We need to provide services to the local population and also to a large number of visitors from around the world. This report was prepared for the towns of Banff, Jasper and Canmore. It looks at the costs to the local population of being in a tourism-based community. It also goes over how each community deals with those costs. Alberta Tourism-Based Communities: Costs and Fiscal Capacity to Support Visitor Populations

2 - Research your business idea: 

Write a business plan. Explore these online tools to help with the planning process. 

3 - To start a business in Jasper there are two levels of government that you need to work with: 

  • The federal government, Parks Canada
  • The local government, the Municipality of Jasper

Parks Canada oversees the business application approval process and  

The Municipality of Jasper, oversees business licenses in the townsite. 

See 'Apply for a business license' in the drop down below for a step by step guide of this process.

Apply for a new business

Business Licence Application Form

  • To operate a business within the town boundary, you need a business licence from the Municipality of Jasper. Apply online or pick up an application at the municipal Administration Office, located at 303 Pyramid Lake Rd.
  • To operate a business outside of the town boundary, you need a business licence from Parks Canada.
  • To operate a business inside of the town boundary as well as outside of it (i.e. taxis, contractors, guiding companies), you need a Parks Canada and a municipal business licence.
  • Municipality of Jasper business licence fees are a flat rate of $165. 

How to Apply for a Business Licence

Applying for a new business license in Jasper is  a six step process. Each step of this process is outlined below:

Step 1

Before any business licence is issued, you need to contact Parks Canada. Email with a description of your business. Include where it will be located, the area you will service and any other important information. 

Step 2

If your business idea is approved by Parks Canada, you will be asked for the sub-lease agreement between you and the landlord of the building your business will be in. 

Step 3

If your business isn’t on the list of approved businesses for your location, you may have to go through Parks Canada’s Planning and Development Advisory Committee (PDAC) for permission to operate. 

Step 4

Get the following documents: 

  • Parks Canada Compliance Inspection (done by Parks at business location)
  • Fire Safety Code Inspection (done through the Municipal Fire Chief)
  • Health Inspection (if serving food, done through Alberta Health)
  • Certification of Commercial Liability Insurance (with a minimum of $2 million) 
  • Certificate of Incorporation, Status or registration of business with the Province (Alberta Registries)
  • Workers’ Compensation Board (WCB) number

Step 5

Apply for a business license with either the Municipality, Parks Canada or both. 

  • If you are only operating within the town boundary, apply for a business licence from the Municipality of Jasper. 
  • If you are only operating outside of the town boundary, apply for a business licence from Parks Canada. 
  • If you are operating in both jurisdictions, obtain a business licence from Parks Canada as well as from the Municipality of Jasper. 

You can apply for a business license in person at Parks Canada (607 Connaught Drive), in person at the Municipality of Jasper Administration Office (303 Pyramid Lake Road) or online through the Municipality of Jasper website: Application for a Business.

Download a translated copy of the step by step process below:

Because we live in a national park, you need to apply for a permit from Parks Canada to renovate a space or to build something new. You need to apply if you are renovating your personal space (like a home or a garage) and also if you are renovating or building a space for your business. 

If your business idea will include renovating inside of an existing space or building a new structure, you will need to apply for a development permit and a building permit from Parks Canada. 

You can find a link to more information on Parks Canada's Website.  

To reach a development officer at Parks Canada, please call 780-852-6123 or email

Renewing your business licence

Business Licenses Expire March 31.
Municipality of Jasper business licences must be renewed every year on April 1.  The Municipality will send an invoice in early March.

To renew your licence you need to:

  1. Complete the Business Licence Renewal Form 
  2. Provide a current copy of your liability insurance by either:
    • Uploading a digital copy with your renewal form, 
    • Emailing, 
    • Faxing to 780 852 4019  or
    • Mailing to Box 520 Jasper, Alberta T0E 1E0.
  3. Pay the renewal fee of $165 to the Municipal Administration Office by:
    • Calling the office with a credit card number (780) 852-3356. (We accept Visa or MasterCard),
    • Sending a cheque in the mail to: Municipality of Jasper P.O. Box 520 Jasper, Alberta T0E 1E0, or 
    • Sending an e-transfer to:

**All forms of payment must include the Business licence number as reference**

Please note: You do not have to wait until March to send your Liability Insurance.  You can send an up to date copy as soon as it expires (anytime of the year) and be prepared for the following year.  If you have a business licence for a Private Home Accommodation (PHA) or Bed and Breakfast, please ensure that your current membership fees to the Jasper Home Accommodation Association (JHAA) are paid.

For businesses operating in both jurisdictions, you will need to renew both licences. Parks Canada business licence renewal information is available on their website.

Changes to your business information? 

  • For changes to your business name, address, incorporation number, etc., you must complete the online application form and attach all relevant documentation, or pick up a form at the Municipal Administration Office, located at 303 Pyramid Lake Rd.
  • Changes to the nature of your business may require you to start from the beginning of the business licence application process with Parks Canada.

Our small town depends on tourism. Over the years, we have developed some great services and resources to help support you and your staff. 

There are lots of organizations that support businesses in Jasper:


Jasper Park Chamber of Commerce

Jasper Park Chamber of Commerce brings the business community together to work towards common goals. Any business that operates in Jasper can become a member. 

Contact: Phone: 780-852-4621 |  Email:


Tourism Jasper

Tourism Jasper is a marketing organization that promotes Jasper all over the world. They run the Jasper Ambassador Program which is a great way to learn all about Jasper. Any business that operates in Jasper or Jasper National Park can become a member. 

Contact: Phone: 780-820-1006 | Email:


Jasper Employment and Education Centre

The Jasper Employment and Education Centre supports businesses recruit great staff. Submit your job posting to their job board. 

Contact: Phone: 780-852-4418 | Email:


Community Futures West Yellowhead (CFWY)

Community Futures West Yellowhead offers loans, business advice and courses for small businesses in Jasper.  

Helpful links and resources from CFWY

Contact: Phone: 780-865-1224 | Email:

Sign your business up to receive emergency alerts from the Municipality of Jasper. 

You can sign up to receive an alert by phone, text message or email. 


For more information or help answering questions please contact the Municipal Administration Office at 780-852-3356 or email

To understand the regulation and licensing of businesses operating within the town of Jasper,  please read the Town of Jasper Business Licensing Bylaw #110.

You can find more helpful tools and information on our Business Resources page.