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Environmental Responsibility

How's the air?

Where is the smoke coming from? 

What is our current air quality?

We joined the West Central Airshed Society, the West Central Airshed is one of 10 Airsheds in the province of Alberta. We have 2 devices in Jasper that check our local air quality. Their website has great information on what you can do to deal with the effects of wildfire smoke.

Here are some other resources from Alberta Health Services on air quality and the effects of wildfire smoke: 

Contact Council 

Write a letter or present to council if you have a specific and clear ask about how Jasper can be a more sustainable community. Read more about how to contact council.

Connect with sustainability focused groups in Jasper! 

Check out the following organizations that work towards making Jasper a sustainable community: 

Learn more about community groups in Jasper. 

Sustainability in action

We can work towards sustainability through collective and individual action. 


  • Walk or bike
  • Drink from the tap or fill your reusable bottle.  
  • Start composting: Learn more about composting in Jasper
  • Recycle: Learn more about recycling facilities in Jasper
  • Ask the post office to stop receiving flyers in your PO box.
  • Shop local instead of ordering online to reduce cardboard and packaging waste.
  • Bring your own Bag when you go shopping.
  • Bring your own Tupperware or to-go mug with you when you buy food or drink.

Be a conscious consumer:

Ask yourself these questions before buying something:

  1. Can I make it? 
  2. Can I borrow it?
  3. Do I really need this?

Support local – even if it costs more: Research shows that local businesses are more connected to their communities and have increase community engagement and support.  

Buy second hand or used products when you can: check out the Jasper Buy and Sell Page and the United Church Thrift Sale.

Research the products you buy and choose to support sustainable brands.

Plastic Checkout Bag Ban

We ask shoppers to use reusable bags to reduce single use plastic. We encourage businesses to stop providing plastic checkout bags.

Read about the details:

Retail Toolkit (PDF)

Bylaw 215: Waste Reduction Regulation Bylaw

Plastic Checkout Bag Ban Business and Resident Feedback  - May 2019 

Municipality of Jasper Waste Reduction Bylaw
We encourage compliance by July 1, 2019