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Get to know Newcomers

The resident population of Jasper is around 5000 people, but we host up to 12 000 seasonal staff each year – that’s a lot of new people in Jasper!

Who are newcomers?

“Newcomer” is a term for someone who is an immigrant or refugee who has been in Canada for under five years. In Jasper, we use the term for anyone who’s New to Jasper. This includes immigrants who have been here longer than five years. 

In Jasper, our community thrives on having many new people in our town. Newcomers in Jasper may be on a work or spousal visa, they may be a permanent resident, or a new Canadian citizen. 

What is the employer and resident’s role in supporting newcomers?

When employers and residents create space for newcomers to become connected and supported in our community, we create a better Jasper for everyone.

Check out this infographic on Newcomers in Alberta made by Statistics Canada.

Learn about Newcomers in Jasper

The New to Jasper section of our website is a tool you can use to better support newcomers. 

Understanding newcomer challenges

Learn about the newcomer experience in Jasper, including newcomer challenges and ways you can remove barriers for these challenges

Supporting Newcomers

Learn how best to support newcomers through connecting them to services, information and our community.

Employer Resources and Learning Tools

Explore resources, toolkits and guides that can help employers support newcomers. 

Hiring tools

Learn ways to attract, retain and support great newcomer talent in your business or organization.

Download the PDF of this infographic.